About us

Letter from the Presidents Ladies & Gentlemen,

Let me begin by saying that I am most thankful for the dedicated efforts and commitment of all our employees. On the same note, let me also state that I am most pleased to celebrate the success of all the brands that we represent within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These brands have helped build the Al-Hussaini Trading Company into a shining example for others to follow. We market such prestigious brands as: These brands are the bulwarks of our company, and have a proven success record in the international market. In the Kingdom, we have developed the watch market considerably, paving the way for future brands to follow. We have confidently launched all our brands with penetrating strategy, making each one desirable to its target consumer.

Our Company’s strength also comes from our widespread distribution of retail stores across the Kingdom, giving us convenience and access to a varied group of consumers.

Finally, Ladies & Gentlemen, let me take this time to thank God Almighty for the story of our success. And last, but by no means least, all the people involved in making Al-Hussaini Trading Company the steadfast company that it is today.

Mohammed Al-Hussaini President

History of the Company

In looking back, we can see how far we’ve come. We owe many thanks to the good fortune that God has bestowed upon us, as well as to the committed work of our people". To think that we began in 1975 in Jeddah with a single retail shop seems quite amazing now. We were a small local establishment, run by a personal staff of employees. But soon we grew. We expanded with a second shop in the Queen’s Building in 1976, as well as a shop in Riyadh’s Al-Rajhi Buildings in the same year.

But our company’s history still continues to be written to this very day. We are a developed company, still anchoring our roots across the soil of many new markets.

Board of Directors:
  • - Abdullah Al-Hussaini: Member of the Board
  • - Abdul Rahman Al-Hussaini: Member of the Board
  • - Mohammed Al-Hussaini: President & Member of the Board
  • - Abdul Aziz Al-Hussaini: Member of the Board